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Online programs are a great way to attend school while in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Our green MBA schools will allow you to advance your green industry career or just bring a sustainable element to your MBA degree.

The growth of the green alternative energy sectors, sustainable initiatives and overall increased environmental awareness and responsibility within businesses and corporations makes a green MBA a smart choice for your future. A wealth of MBA degrees from established universities, accredited colleges and recognizable, respected schools pioneering sustainable masters degrees are all right here on

Start now by using the Green MBA search box below, or browse through our list of green MBA online degrees and schools on this page. We can also help you find other online college degrees and programs from colleges not listed here.

Sustainability MBA
University of Colorado at Denver
The MBA at University of Colorado offers a Sustainability component and specialization option. This option stress social entrepreneurialism and the triple line bottom-line of economics, society and environmentalism. The most important aspect that the student will take away from this degree is the value and implementation of corporate responsibility.

Organizational and Environmental Sustainability MBA
Antioch University New England
Promoting this program as the leader in green education, Antioch University New England provides graduate students a holistic business education in this emerging field. Antioch New Englands MBA program stresses a mix of education by involving students in various disciplines ranging from healthcare to education while participating in this graduate business program.

MBA in Sustainable Futures
Walden University
The Walden University MBA in Sustainable Futures prepares the student to help prepare the organization that he or she will be working for. The Walden MBA also shows the student how to relate to the greater society beyond the organization. 36 semester hours are required for this program on top of a compulsory Masters Thesis. Key parts of this degree include local field studies and the option to study abroad. Walden also offers its networking tool which allows for students to communicate with one another Walden also offers membership into its honor society which comprises of industry leaders from around the world.

MBA in Sustainable Enterprise
Dominican University
Dominican University of Californias MBA in Sustainable Enterprise is the first green MBA created in the U.S. Started in 1999 by leading academics in the sustainable business field, this program concentrates on financial and ecological sustainability and also social justice. Students are encouraged in innovation for new ideas and theories for this business as well as interacting with top business leaders in the Bay Area and greater California.

Leadership, Innovation and Sustainability MBA
Portland State University
The MBA+ degree at Portland State University designates its program as offering leadership in sustainability and the option for students to tailor their degree program. The school emphasizes its close ties to the expanding Portland business community and places the importance of social responsibility into each student participating in the degree program.

MBA in Sustainable Business
Marylhurst University
Marylhurst Universitys MBA in Sustainable Business shifts the focus on traditional business education and presents the global view on sustainability. The program focuses on the momentum of the green industry and how this momentum can be used to benefit an organization. With a focus on the world, the students will gain a comprehensive education on how sustainability and green issues are affecting businesses worldwide.

Bright Green MBA
Alliant International University
The Bright Green MBA offered by Alliant International University is a six-term program that focuses on creating top executives for the global green industry. The program is a hybrid, offering online classes and on-campus traditional classes with a cohort. The program prides itself on the process of shifting the students focus away from standard business practices and challenges the students to look at the world with a fresh, progressive and global perspective.

MBA in Sustainable Management
Anaheim University
The online Green Master of Business Administration at Anaheim University prepares the student for the growing green movement in both business and society. The MBA in Sustainable Management shows the student how to predict and implement long-term growth and gains in business by using the methods of sustainable management. Focused studies at the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute, students will learn the essentials needed for this rapidly growing industry. The program consists of 10 eight week terms and Anaheim requires that the student complete the MBA in Sustainable Management in 18 months.

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